In 2018, the CACCB presented to more than 7,000 children and adults, at the request of communities throughout the 12-county area we serve. We truly believe that education is a critical step toward providing the essential tools to effectively recognize, report and become everyday advocates in the fight against child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and neglect).

The outreach & education we offer includes:

  • Participation at Community Health Fairs

  • Educational materials specific to parents, educators and school employees, medical teams, law enforcement, Child Protective Services, children ages 5-18, and more.

  • Presentations:

    • “P.S. It’s My Body” – (welcome and unwelcome touches) safety presentations with Happy Bear for children ages PK-3 through second grade.

    • About Us/Community Presentations – information about our Center, the services we provide and how we assist law enforcement and CPS in their investigations.

    • How to Recognize and Report Abuse – education about the signs and effects of abuse and how to report.

    • Internet safety – education for children and adults, as well as parents/guardians about online safety, cyberbullying, sexting, etc.

Please contact Cassandra Hinojosa, Outreach Coordinator,
at (361) 855-9058 or cassandrah@caccb.net to request a presentation;
or if you would like more information about our presentations.


 The CACCB is committed to providing a safe place for children to begin the healing process after they have experienced abuse. Without Therapy, child victims of sexual abuse are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, exhibit poor school performance, become sexually promiscuous, abuse drugs and alcohol, and in some instances, act out their abuse on other children. CACCB's therapy team provides long-term, trauma-informed therapy to children of every age. This type of specialized treatment has been rated Best Practice for use with abused and traumatized children.

Since child abuse affects the whole family, the services provided at CACCB are available at no cost to every child and their non-offending family members. CACCB's Therapy team works with each family to determine the best treatment options. 

If you are interested in our on-site Therapy Program, please contact our Clinical Director at michaelh@caccb.net.


Successful prosecution of child abuse cases begin with a thorough investigation.

At the core of that investigation, the ability to ensure the safety and protection of children, often starts with the initial forensic interview conducted by a trained professional. The CACCB Forensic Interview team assists law enforcement and Child Protective Services investigators by conducting specialized and unique investigative interviews of children. The goal of a forensic interview is to gather pertinent information from children in a neutral, non-leading, developmentally sensitive, and legally defensible manner. The CACCB Forensic Interviewers are often called upon to provide both fact and expert witness testimony to aid in successful prosecution of offenders.


The Family Advocate team is committed to helping each family navigate the complex systems that a family enters when a child makes an outcry of abuse. As each case goes through the investigation, prosecution and healing process, the team is there to help the family understand the process, learn about their rights, and successfully access resources that will help their family during crisis.

Clients receive information and referrals to community resources and assistance completing applications for Crime Victims Compensation. Families also receive ongoing support through a back to school drive, and holiday programs.


The Kids in Court program is one of the many programs at the CACCB designed in accordance with the agency’s mission. The program assists children, teens, and their families with the courtroom experience by 1) teaching relaxation skills; 2) providing education about the court process and their rights and; 3) introducing the courtroom and offering an opportunity to participate in a mock trial. The goal of the Kids in Court program is to increase children’s ability to competently and effectively participate in the courtroom experience by decreasing their anxiety, and in turn, improving/ensuring the efficacy of the judicial process.

At no time during the Kids in Court program are specific cases discussed, as the program is a non-biased, court preparatory program.

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The CACCB is hosting a Teen Support Group for teenage girls aged 11-14 years old. The purpose of the Support Group is to provide them with a safe place to learn and practice coping skills that they can apply in their daily lives with the help of their peers. It is also aimed towards helping these teens learn to successfully handle everyday situations that they may encounter. The program runs for 6 weeks at a time to allow the girls an opportunity to learn and practice a new skill each week including internet safety, self-empowerment, healthy relationships, and goal setting.

If you, or your teen, are interested in our Teen Support Group Program, please email ariannec@caccb.net.



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To make a general donation online, please click here. If you prefer to make a gift to CACCB by mail, please print, fill out, and mail in the attached form found here.

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If you suspect child abuse, make an anonymous call to the Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 252-5400 or online at http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Contact_Us/report_abuse.asp

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The CACCB is fortunate to benefit from the generosity of many people and organizations in our community. 3rd party events may include anything from bake sales, car washes, golf tournaments and more! If you are interested in hosting a 3rd party event, contact us and we can help make your event a success! 

Interested in hosting a third party event? If so, click here

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When children leave our center after the conclusion of the Forensic Interview, they are allowed to take a book, stuffed animal and blanket. The CACCB accepts donations of new blankets and stuffed animals, and new or gently used books. Additionally, when children are at the CACCB they are provided a snack and drink to help make them more comfortable. We accept donations of individually packaged snacks and juices. To schedule a drop off, please contact Cassandra Hinojosa at 361-855-9058 or by email at cassandrah@caccb.net.